Aircraft Alterations and Modifications

Straight Flight has been performing modifications to aircraft since 1986. Take advantage of our vast knowledge across every facet of modification and customization ranging from one-time custom alterations through multiple model STCs.

Aircraft Alterations and Modifications

Straight Flight has been performing custom alterations to aircraft since 1986. From establishment of a new avionics flight tracking system certification program featuring 11 GPS antennas on an old Beech Queen Air, to installing a motion picture camera gimbal on an Embraer Phenom 300 jet used to film “Top Gun II,” we have accomplished some amazing feats. Our expertise and innovative thinking affords designs that are both structurally sound and maintenance friendly. An internal drafting department allows our team to model and design on the aircraft in real time with production of a professional 2D drawing package. Straight Flight works with both independent FAA-certified engineers who are qualified on Damage Tolerant-certified aircraft and engineering houses with FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) certification. Our experience with this engineering support affords us the knowledge to properly quote your custom alteration.

Supplemental Type Certificates

Based on industry demand, Straight Flight has developed STCs that it now owns. Our designs are both structurally sound and reliable, as proven over thousands of mission hours flown internationally by the 100+ modified Cessna/Textron 206H model aircraft featuring our Mid-Cabin 20” Portal STC. Please follow the link below for a listing of all Straight Flight STCs.